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Aqua zone

AQUA zone - IT IS THE HEART of Mazowsze Medi SPA

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The Aqua zone of Mazowsze Medi SPA includes:

  • modern indoor swimming pool with the use of the innovative Grandera technology, which supports and optimizes water treatment processes. It makes water delicate for the skin and eyes, crystal clean, incredibly soft and oxygenated, and does not cause allergies. All this contributed to comfort of a bath, which becomes exceptionally pleasant. In order to maintain the highest quality, water in the AQUA Zone is subject to regular monitoring.
  • internal VIRGINIA Jacuzzi - bath in white ions- only in Mazowsze Medi SPA! New approach to body rejuvenation. Plunge into a milky mist and feel the air bubbles, smaller than pores in your skin penetrate into them deeply and split, giving you excellent supply of oxygen, smoothness and lustre of skin, as well as considerable reduction in cellulite. The applied method of water treatment and disinfection is entirely environmentally-friendly, it does not require use of chlorine, and is based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized with ions of silver. Enjoy silky and rejuvenated skin.
  • external HOTSPRING Jacuzzi - 4-person tub situated on the terrace, with a view to Czantoria, provides diverse massage by means of 35 nozzles. It is equipped with MOTO-MASSAGE – a type of massage in which a water stream continuously massages the entire length of the spine, relaxing the muscles and, at the same time, relieving the joints.
  • internal SIENNA Jacuzzi – 4-person whirlpool tub. From nozzles placed at various angles flows a strong water stream, locally massaging the body, especially the lower section of the spine and legs - places particularly exposed to fatigue and tension.
  • saunas – dry and infrared, steam bath,
  • salt cave - natural sea salt from the Dead Sea, contains all microelements necessary for creation of sea microclimate, which favourably affects our mood and has a relaxing effect. Clean air, rivers, ionized thanks to salt, relaxes and supports the treatment of many diseases - asthma, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, sinusitis, hypothyroidism, neurosis.
  • ice cave
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