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Structural diet

The structural diet is a healthy and nutritious diet. Its principles are consistent with the current level of the medical knowledge and the nutrition. It is based on a very simple principle: all products recommended in it contain a minimum level of calories and maximum level of vitamins, mineral components and antioxidants.

As a result, a list of the most nutritious meals for the contemporary man has been drawn up, the so-called 'List of structural products'. Regular consumption of structural products provides strengthening, regeneration and rejuvenation of the body and sustainable reduction in body mass.

The structural diet proves it is perfectly worthy when slimming, and, at the same time it is recommended in prevention and treatment of civilisation diseases, such as: atherosclerosis, an increased level of cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, degenerative joint diseases, osteoporosis, dermatological problems, allergies and a chronic fatigue syndrome.


Due to maximum doses of natural vitamins, mineral components and antioxidants, the structural products provide proper pace of metabolism, even when the calorific value of the diet is drastically limited. As a result, no yo-yo effect occurs, and if the person after the slimming treatment has been finished continues to eat the structural products, it allows to permanently normalise the body mass, even without the need to continuously control the calorific value of the diet. It is enough that the structural products constitute at least 2/3 of your diet..

We offer the following diets:

Intensively Slimming Diet 800 kcal

Menu drawn up specially for people who want to rapidly and permanently loss large amounts of kilograms. This diet, despite a low dose of calories, speeds up the pace of metabolism, due to a special selection of structural products and Elixirs of Youth.

Cleansing and Slimming Diet 1200 kcal

Menu which makes it possible to lose weight permanently and, in a good and pleasant manner, change nutritional habits. Furthermore, it provides extremely effective cleansing of the body of toxins and metabolic products.

Rejuvenating and Regenerating Diet 1600 kcal

Menu recommended for people who lead a healthy lifestyle or as a continuation of slimming treatments which allows to stabilise the body mass after the slimming period. Spectacularly improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

All of the above-listed diets are available in the traditional and vegetarian version.

Vegetarian diet is characterised by excluding meat-origin products and possibly eggs or dairy products from meals.

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