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IMAGO method diagnostic

Modern diagnostic - the basis of effective treatment and prophylaxis

The most advanced appliance for bioenergy diagnostics - IS HERE!

The diagnostic test lets you:

·        rate your health, portraying all your problems with medical condition or disease process caused by bacteria, viruses and parasite
·        descry early stage of the disease
·        assess your biological age, body margines as a whole or individual organs
·        recondition and rejuvenate your vitals at the cell level
·        analyse the cellular condition using  electromagnetic waves which will diagnose the roots of anomalies and will help to recognize them; it enables to offer activities of health prophylaxis. After the test, you get the cleansing treatment adjusted  as well as appropriate nutrition and supplementation.
·        start homeopathy treatment.
The exam is non-invasive, painless and safe, it optimally informs you about possible problems with your body condition.
Don't hesitate! Shatter any misdoubts!
Enjoy your health!
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