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Rehabilitation information

We offer a full choice of rehabilitation services

Our Rehabilitation Centre is located on two floors (there is a LIFT in the hotel).


Our therapy centre is professionally equipped:

  • USG  machine for therapy purposes,
  • Shock Wave,
  • PST singal therapy,
  • physiotherapy studies  (electrotherapy, cryotherapy, balneotherapy),
  • individual and group exercises room equipped with Neurac system ( SET),
  • Fitness Room.

In Mazowsze Medi SPA  one may use endowment form PFRON budget (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons).
We have the entry in the register of resorts (OD) and organisers (OR).

A disabled person may get the endowment from PFRON on the basis of the medical conclusion signed by the leading doctor. The endowment is possible for a rehabilitation batch in a patient's hometown, in  PCPR (County Centre of Family Help), MOPS (City Centre of Social Help). Once the endowmnet amount is decided, the patient can book the demanded date and make the required down payment. On the spot patients pay the remaining cost, whic is a balance of the total batch cost, the PFRON endowment and the down payment.

Information for foreign Guests:

According to the fact that Poland is  a European Union member there is a possibility to use grants for a rehabilitation batch in our Resort. More and more foreigners use this opportunity. All Guests may be served with a professional rehabilitation  followed  with the necessary documentation provided. Every health insurance company establish their own conditions and criteria of grants or defrayal of rehabilitation expenses. That is why it is worth consulting one's own insurance company first in terms of possible endowment on therapeutic stays in Poland.

To obtain a refund the following steps should be taken:
- Get an application form for a rehabilitation stay from your insurance company. It ought to be filled in by a GP, then the particular resort can be chosen.
- The application should be submitted in the responsible insurance company to be considered, later you will be informed with the type and the amount of benefits.
- If the application is successful, the insurance company covers the rehabilitation treatment costs.
- Particular insurance companies decide separately about the amount of costs return.
- Most often the treatment procedures are paid in advance and the refund or grant is returned when back in the country and after supplying the appropriate documentation in the insurance company with the application form requesting such return.

The above information is general. You are kindly requested to ask the details in you own insurance company.
In the price of our offer - 14 nights, we suggest 25 rehabilitation procedures, prescribed by a doctor after initial examination on the spot. There is an opportunity to buy extra procedures. 
Once the rehabilitation is complete we present you with the following documents to enable you settling accounts with the health service:
1.  a certificate of procedures performed
2. cost statement of procedures performed  
3. a certificate and cost statement of extra procedures performed
4. a bill for the stay.

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